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About Us

Since 2006, Dr. Michelle Dougherty has been providing natural and effective chiropractic care to those in Naperville. Our practice name encompasses what we’re all about. If given a choice most people would want to be healthy for a lifetime and avoid illness. While eating right and exercising each day go a long way toward helping you stay healthy, chiropractic is another critical piece of the wellness puzzle.

We see multiple generations of the same family as they know the incredible difference chiropractic care can make at every stage of life!

Our Mission

To maximize the quality of life of babies, children and their parents through chiropractic care and empower families to take control of their health proactively.

Helping Families Reach
Their Full Potential

At Lifetime Health & Wellness, we’re all about shifting health perspective and connecting families to their fullest potential. We want the next generation to have an opportunity to live and function fully as the best version of themselves.

Reducing Stress for
Optimal Function

Chiropractic allows the body to function at its peak. Though chiropractic care can’t protect you from stress, it can help your body adapt to life’s various stressors—whether physical, chemical or emotional.


Some Success Stories


One of Dr. Dougherty’s patients is an 11-year-old girl who suffered from nighttime bed-wetting issues. As a result, she experienced anxiety and was uncomfortable going to sleepovers. Within three months of chiropractic care, however, she hasn’t had an accident, which is fantastic news!

Conception Difficulties

One woman, who is the mother of a teenage daughter, had been trying to get pregnant with her second child. She just thought that was how it would be and she didn’t want to do any intervention to get pregnant. This desire to get pregnant wasn’t revealed to Dr. Dougherty who was seeing the woman for back pain. The woman got pregnant at age 41 without planning and reported that the pregnancy with the second child was much easier than with the first.

Sensory Issues

An almost 3-year-old little boy was displaying some sensory issues such as being a picky eater when it came to textures, and he didn’t like to lie on his back to get his diaper changed. He couldn’t be in his car seat without screaming. He also had trouble sleeping and began to develop some behavioral issues. After chiropractic care, the boy became calmer and started sleeping through the night. He also had fewer temper tantrums.

If you would like to experience the difference that drug-free chiropractic care can make in your life, contact our chiropractic office today to schedule an appointment!


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