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Lifetime Health & Wellness Reviews

What Our Naperville Patients Say

At Lifetime Health & Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

icon-testimonialsShare your stories! We value our patients’ experience and would love to hear from you. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete our Client Experience Questionnaire. You may also click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural chiropractic care.


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“I’m a dentist & I must say I have never believed in chiropractic care, till Now!

Last year I had a very bad car accident leaving me in chronic pain and misery. Later in the year I got pregnant and had to discontinue taking conventional medications to relieve my pain! I heard about lifetime health & wellness where I met Dr Carrie and Diana! They told me not to give up! I said: ” I just want to be out of pain!” Although the process took a few months TODAY marks the day when I’m… out of pain! I can smile again! I don’t feel miserable and I’m enjoying my pregnancy – I no more need to turn to needles and pills for the pain.

Thank you to the entire team at lifetime health & wellness so being so caring and understanding.
For making me believe in another form of medicine that deserves a lot of credit!

I suggest this place to dentists, expectant mothers and anyone needing to have their every day aches and pains relieved in a healthy, natural way.

Dr. P.T. DDS

Low Back and Foot Pain

“I was disappointed with conventional treatment for persistent low back pain and foot pain for the past 8 years. I was told to just stop doing whatever aggravated the pain, and that meant most activities for me. The other option given was back surgery or cortisone shots for life! I became more sedentary and mentally I was feeling depressed. I tried orthopedic care, physical therapy, and previous chiropractic care. Results were short-lived as long as I was INACTIVE! Since being treated by Dr. Dougherty I am so much better. I have increased my activities and improved my understanding of health bringing better choices to my life. I have always been active and enjoyed exercise, but due to the pain I was limited to what I could do. Chiropractic care and Dr. Dougherty have meant two words for me ‘Half Marathon!’ I never would have dreamed of achieving such a goal. To see what my body is capable of, with proper and natural care brought a chain of strengths: better moods, healthy eating, outdoor activity, and strong goals. Dr. Michelle has given my family a key component in health: sincere kindness, patience, and support. Under care I have been able to enjoy a better quality of life.”

Nancy L. -Plainfield, IL


“Reid experienced bad colic from the moment he was born. We brought him for his first chiropractic check-up at 2 weeks old. He would cry all day long. If he was awake, he was crying. Nothing would calm him. Reid was breastfeeding, so I changed my diet, eliminating different foods; there wasn’t much change. We also tried gas drops, but that also didn’t help. After about 3 adjustments, Reid was only having 1-2 hours of colic during the day. By the 5th adjustment he would barely cry, only when he needed something. As a family we’re actually able to go out and do things without worrying about Reid crying the whole time. He also started sleeping really well. By 6 weeks old, he was sleeping 6 hours at night. My daughter also gets adjusted and it has improved her immune system health, her balance, and sleep.”

Amanda D. -Naperville, IL


“I had headaches and migraines all the time for about 20 years. At its worst I had to stay in bed (no light, no noise). I sometimes would miss out on things (family events, going out, etc.) because of my migraines. I tried EVERY drug you can think of!!! It would work for awhile but the headaches still came back. I have not had a migraine or headache in many months so far since my first month of care!!! I now have more energy! I am able to go to all events! Everyone is so friendly at this office. Dr. Michelle is my angel!!! A miracle worker!”

Melissa N. -Oswego, IL

Women’s Health

“I was crabby, frustrated, and tired all the time. I had bad PMS, no patience and felt anxious. I had no libido and it was worse once a month. I was also depressed and overweight with feelings of helplessness, no hope, and very negative. This had been going on for 14 years that started when I had kids and took care of them but didn’t think I was worth the extra effort. I would snap at everyone – even for no reason. If affected every relationship I had. I went to my medical doctor and she ran blood tests and everything came back “normal.” She put me on anti-depressants and into counseling. After a year I was still in the same place. Since beginning care with Dr. Michelle I followed a personalized specific hormone balancing protocol based on my test results while getting adjusted of course, I lost 45 lbs effortlessly! I am more positive, I feel wonderful, full of life and excited about life again. I have virtually no PMS!!! Every relationship I had and still have is better! My husband says that psycho doesn’t come out every month anymore! I can’t thank Dr. Michelle enough for all her help. I feel like I have my life back!”

Christine O. -Plainfield, IL

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