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It’s not your beautiful smile, your gorgeous jewelry or even your bank account. What others notice first about us is our posture.

Sad, but true. What does your posture reveal?

• Depressed and down on your luck.
• Head cocked to one side as if in a state of doubt.
• Burdened by the weight of the world.

Poor posture is often a reflection of our mood. But the reverse can be true as well. A positive posture can produce feelings of strength, power and confidence. What’s a positive posture? Try it yourself and feel the difference:

Wonder Woman – With your feet squarely below your shoulders and your chest out, place your hands on both hips.
Victory Stance – Raise both hands in the shape of a “V,” as if you’ve just won the 100-meter dash.

Questions about your posture? Be sure to ask on your next visit.