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Even with daily brushing and flossing you’ll likely see your dentist on a regular basis. Your teeth and gums will feel fine. Absolutely no pain. Yet no one says, “Once you go to a dentist, you have to go for the rest of your life.”

Similarly, we have those who opt to see us on a regular basis. Even when they’re feeling great.

They want to stay that way. They know their spine and nervous system is constantly being stressed. Consider the emotional stress of our fast-paced lives. The chemical stress of fast-food diets. The physical stress of sitting all day. Not to mention the relentless effect of gravity!

Preventative chiropractic care is an option. As is regular brushing and flossing. Bathing. Getting enough restful sleep. Staying hydrated. These are personal choices that are made without being motivated by obvious aches or pains. Like your car, regular maintenance extends life.